Our Story is Simple

Making good beer is easy when you're surrounded by good people

The ‘Angry Hen’ has found her happy place in Kaslo. When it was time for a change of scenery, a discerning mind would of course pick the finest scenery around! Just as discerning when it comes to beer, Kaslo was indeed very lucky to have the 'Angry Hen' land here (almost as lucky as the 'Angry Hen’ was to end up in Kaslo!). After finding the perfect location and designing the brewery to her high standards, Shirley was at last ready brew her first batch of beer in this plucky little village! That batch was... to paraphrase her language, a frustration and a disaster. Luckily, with the help of her friends, cooler heads prevailed and Shirley persevered. Outburst after outburst brought us to where we are now; loving life in the mountains, sharing laughs, only becoming mildly outraged at the most minor of inconveniences.

We strive to use only the finest, locally produced ingredients whenever possible. Our partnerships with local farmers allows us to source local fruit for our seasonal specialty brews and reduce waste by providing their livestock with spent grain from the brew process.

Owned and Operated by Women

We are proud to have mostly women working at the Angry Hen whether it be brewing the perfect beer, pouring that perfect pint, or working in the background to make sure everything else is getting done.

Meet Our Team

We are proud that our brewery operates with women at the forefront, whether they are pouring you a pint of your favourite beer, dedicating themselves to creating the perfect recipes, or taking charge behind the scenes.
The Brewer

Our favourite brewer! Shirley knows what she's doing! Her attention to detail gives her a love of cleaning, that some might say borders on the extreme, and also prduces some excellent BBQ. She saves the ``Angry Hen`` side of her personality just for those that deseve it!
Favourite Beer: Whatever is newest


What's not to love about Harmony? She handles every situation in a sweet but firm way. She'll cut you off if you've had too many! As the mom to a young hockey star, she's happy to get a little break behind the bar. When she's not at the hen, you'll find her out in nature with her family and dog.
Favourite Beer: The Wild Rooster


Originally from Sherbrooke, Quebec, Rose worked her way out west as a tree planter and finally found Kaslo. Fun facts about this gal: a former cadet, biathlete, and a degree in stage design and puppet theatre!
Favourite Beer: The Wild Rooster


Our summer gal, Amanda starts every day with a smile. Her kind heart and passion for knowledge has lead her down the path of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Through most of the year she is buried in her studies. During the summer she hangs with us! If she's not at the brewery you'll find her out in nature exploring or up in the air taking in the views from her partner's plane!
Favourite Beer: She'll let you know!

General Manager

A love of beer and the wilderness brought Cassie here. Growing up on the coast, she moved here and started a job at the Hen shortly after it opened. When the opportunity arose, she happily became one of the owners. If she's not at the Hen, you'll find her fly fishing, cooking, or spending time with her two dogs.
Favourite Beer: It changes daily. She loves them all!


One of the Kaslo gals that knows more of the town than anyone! After travelling aroung the world, she settled back in Kaslo with her partner. The Hen is a side hustle for this gal as she juggles another full-time job. A lover of sports and the outdoors, you'll often find her out there skiing or biking.
Favourite Beer: Anything Sour!


Our Heather loves animals. With degree in biology, she spends most of her days as a bat biologist! She is also an accomplished quilter and mom to three. She'll laugh at all your jokes but isn't afraid to tell you when you've crossed a line.
Favourite Beer: She says the ``Old Bitch`` suits her just fine!


After co-founding and operating a brewery in the heart of Yeast Van for nearly 8 years, it was time for a scene change for Blair. An opportunity arose, and he jumped at the chance to become a co-owner and work alongside his longtime brewing colleague Shirley. Always looking for new brewing experiences, and to see more of our great province, Angry Hen and Kaslo were the right fit for him!
Favourite Beer: Pilsner and Roostertail! So far...

Bartender/Social Media

The one and only! When it comes to serving beer, Kristy is a real pro! Actually, she's amazing at everything she does! As a mom to two young boys, she certainly keeps busy. She was ready to take on more when the youngest started school and now manages the social media accounts. All those great photos are due to her.
Favourite Beer: ``Up the Kriek`` cherry sour.


The Hen was lucky to sccop this happy chick up! A true lover of music, her choices are always perfect! When not at the hen, you'll catch her hanging with friends and family.
Favourite Beer: Sour, Sour, Sour!

Brewhouse Assistant

Devin keeps busy behind the scenes helping Shirley and filling cans. If you bought a can here, Devin filled it. As a major music buff, he keeps things tuned up in the brewery.
Favourite Beer: The Wild Rooster