Our Covid-19 Plan

We are so excited to have everyone back and enjoying Kaslo’s Living Room. We have worked hard to update the brewery space to accommodate the provincial guidelines and ensure a comfortable and relaxing experience. 

A few changes you will notice:

  • We have added barriers between tables and at the service area of the bar
  • We have limited the number of chairs per table to have a maximum of 6 people/ table
  • No seating at the bar
  • Inside the lounge we will be offering table service to reduce the number of people getting up and moving about.
  • On the patio, we ask that each group sends as few people up to order as possible. One person will be served at at time and there will be marks on the floor to guide the queue  
  • Hand sanitizer will be provided by the front door, outside the washrooms, at the bar, and at the patio doors. Please sanitize upon entering the building 
  • Although we had you all well trained to bring you glasses up to the bar, we now ask that you leave them on the tables so that others will know that the table needs to be sanitized. Please allow our staff time to sanitize tables between guests. 
  • Our staff have been provided with personal protective equipment. 
  • Please do not move tables and chairs. They have been placed specifically in accordance with physical distancing guidelines. A staff member can help you with moving chairs and tables if need be. 
  • There will be additional staff on hand to clear and sanitize tables, clean washrooms, and sanitize touch points. Please allow staff time and space to complete these additional tasks.
  • Some other notes:
    • Please respect others’ personal space while you are here. 
    • Our capacity is now reduced by 50% this gives us a total of 46 people throughout the lounge and patio.
    • With our reduced capacity, we will not be able to permit minors at this time. 
    • We will no longer be allowing dogs

Thank you all for your patience and understanding as we move forward. 

We are so happy to welcome you back!